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STARmeter Boost

Our IMDB STARmeter Boost

What is an IMDb STARmeter Boost?

A STARmeter boost is a film marketing service we designed to help anyone in the film industry (Actors, Crew, Films, Film Companies, Distributors) increase their web presence in an effort to boost their IMDB STARmeter rating.

What Are You Providing Exactly?

We will create multiple content about you from unique websites around the world.
Your IMDb page will be bookmarked in social media websites.
You will get exposure to thousands of people around the world.
You will increase your visibility in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
You will receive a full report with 24/7 Support…Just ask us.

Do You Share My Information With Anyone?

No. We take your privacy very seriously. Even though we like to be credited with our great service, your satisfaction is enough for us.

Will this Boost Increase My STARmeter Rating?

Yes but it will not be over night. Building your web presence takes time. Remember we are creating massive content in thousands of unique websites that reffers back to your IMDB page. Your STARmeter rating will only increase once those links materialize in the search engines. This process can take as early as a few week or months.

Can I Try Your Service For Free?

Unfortunately, labour cost is not free so we don’t have any free trial.

 Get Your Star Rank Soost & Massive Media Exposure

Increase Your Web Presence and Boost Your STARmeter.

Our service is Not Instant… but works Fine!

The Star Rank Boost provides you with a number of great services. These include massive social media exposure through our exclusively established networks, inbound links to your IMDb web page to increase your visibility and traffic from popular search engines, well-written comments on your profile page, and a full IMDb Pro Report with 24/7 Support. This is a great value!

Light Boost
820 social bookmarks
One Week Boost
According to New IMDB Algorithm Rules
2000+ Unique IMDB Page Views
+ RSS Bookmarks
+ Ping Bookmarks
Full Report

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Big Boost
Social LinkJuice
TWO Weeks Boost
According to New IMDB Algorithm Rules
10,000+ Unique IMDB Page Views
+ 5,000 Social Bookmark Linkjuice
+ 50 Web 2.0 Properties
+ Unique Article
+ 300 Article Submission

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Press Boost
Full Press Presence
Twelve Weeks Mega Boost
According to New IMDB Algorithm Rules
100,000+ Unique Page View
+ 4 x Press Releases
+ 200 Manual Social Bookmarks Submission friendly
+ Distribute to 1,500 News Media
+ Submit to Google News
+ 45 High PR Submissions
+ 5,000 Social Linkjuice
+ 50 PR3-PR8 Web 2.0 Properties
+ 5 Film Reviews on IMDB
Detailed Report

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